surface treatment

Pistons with surface treatments & coatings, reduce friction & thereby improve fuel efficiency of environmentally friendly engines. Reduced scuffing makes cold engine start up more reliable and quicker. A skirt coated piston has better piston to cylinder 'SEAL' reducing the amount of combustion gases that can escape past the piston & leak into the crankcase. Thus, skirt coating reduces the amount of hydrocarbon emission that would normally pass into the environment as Air Pollutant.   
Our setup covers all the four types of surface treatment viz. 1.) Phosphating (  Offers   better adherence for graphite coating helps in quicker running-in ) 
2.) Graphite coating ( Aids in initial lubrication ), 
3.) Tin plating ( Aids in initial running-in and protection ) 
4.) Hard anodizing ( Protection against thermal cracks ) 
5.) Screen printing with Molybdenum Disulphide.