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Product Range



Product Range



MPL's Product Range boasts of Piston Assemblies for diverse array of high Tech features catering to the wide variety of applications :

Heavy Duty Diesel Engines for Power
Generation / Off Highway Vehicles / Gas Engines

1 MW Piston

140 mm dia BEML Piston

Articulated Piston

For Heavy Duty Diesel Engines for Power Generation/Off Highway Vehicle applications, MPL develop and produce Pistons with diameters ranging from 130 mm to 190 mm featuring Single Alfin and Dual Alfin Gravity Die Cast Pistons.

MPL manufacture these Pistons on a special manufacturing facility with special purpose CNC Machines to produce complex OD  Profiles, and Pin bores with Oval Bore, trumpet bore  or relief's as per the requirement.

The complicated Core Profiles featuring on these Pistons are generated applying 3D Modeling facilities using Pro-E Wildfire-2 foundation package for surface modeling, advanced modeling extension and Tool Design  Package for manufacturing to achieve targeted sections and effective control on the weight of the Piston for optimum balance of  reciprocating masses.

Some of the special features which are provided in the design of these bigger size Pistons  (Diameters of 110 mm to 170 mm range)

·    Hard Anodizing of the Crown for Thermal Crack Protection
·    Dual Ring Carrier for enhanced life
·    Oval Gudgeon Pin Bore
·    Pistons with as cast side drain for effective Oil drain

Two pieces constructions of Pistons (ARTICULATED PISTONS) with forged Chrome Moly Steel Crown coupled with Aluminium Alloy Skirt held together by a Piston Pin  where the guidance and sealing function are separated from one another.  Because of this design, the skirt is better shielded from hot Piston crown and ring Zone and can, therefore, be installed with smaller clearances than the one-piece Piston, which has a positive effect on Quiet run

Heavy/Medium/Light Commercial Vehicles with Diesel Engines.

Cooled Gallery Cut Section

TATA 4SP Euro III Piston

TATA 497 Euro II Piston

TATA 497 Euro II Piston

In view of the ensuing legislations and the keenness of the Government to provide environmentally friendly ambience, the modern Internal Combustion Engines need to introduce New Technologies for complying with the emission legislations.  The new Technologies call for design of Pistons to withstand increased specific power output, increased injection pressures, high pressure turbo charging with after coolers, to comply with stringent emission regulations while satisfying the  requirements of low fuel and lube oil consumption.

MPL  manufactures wide range of Pistons in  diameter range of 75 mm to 130 mm with and without “Cooled Gallery” features. The design and manufacturing facilities available with MPL enables them to design, produce and optimize the features such as, “ as cast Oil drain Pockets”, 
Autothermic/Autothermatic Piston with “control expansion”, Steel struts to provide lesser fitting clearances for reduced noise levels, Gudgeon Pin Bore offset for effective load balancing/noise control, Cooled Gallery Pistons

Passenger Car (Diesel & Gasoline) Engines


Zen/Maruti – SWIFT/Estem Vehicle

75 mm Piston


MPL designs and produces Pistons in the diameter range  of 70 mm – 90 mm for Passenger Car Diesels and Gasoline Engines applications.

While the Pistons for Passenger Car Diesels which feature Ring Carriers with/without  Cooled Galley  and are made from Hyper Eutectic Aluminium Alloy which provide lesser fitting clearance between Piston and Cylinder Bore,  the Pistons for Gasoline Engines are made from Eutectic  Aluminium Alloy with as Cast Valve Pockets, light weight and environmentally friendly  features.

The most cost effective and proven quality of MPL Pistons have earned the “Single Source Status” for the Pistons for Maruti – Suzuki for their Prize models of SWIFT/ZEN & Esteem Vehicles.

Bi-wheeler (4 Stroke) / Small Engine Applications


TVS Victor/Boxer /Caliber/Hero Honda/

Kirloskar Copeland Pistons


A wide range of Pistons for 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Engines in the diameter range of 40 to 60 mm for powering  the Scooters, Motor Cycles and Refrigeration Air Compressors are made from Eutectic and Hypereutectic Aluminium Alloy which are very cost effective and provide value for the money.

These Pistons are offered in attractively packed containers as assemblies consisting of Pistons, Gudgeon Pin, Piston Rings and Circlips.








Heavy Commercial Vehicles,
Light Commercial Vehicles,
Passenger Cars,
Jeeps & Utility Vehicles
Stationary Engines,

Diesel Engines,
Gasoline Engines,
CNG Engines
Natural Gas Engines