MPL is a Total Engineering Solutions provider wherein the product is designed as per the customers requirements, prototypes are manufactured, tested & validated before mass production. This is done by our engineers as a collaborative & interactive team effort with the help of clients engineers. Designing is done by our trained & experienced engineers in CAD/Pro-E environment using advanced software which includes state of the art features like solid & surface modeling for more realistic designing. Software used include Pro/E Wildfire, Tool Design Package, Auto CAD 2000 & many others. Product Testing & Validation is done inhouse at our engine test rigs.

Continuos Upgradation & Assimilation of
Global Technology through
Collaborations with world leaders



Signed Collaboration Agreement  
with Nippon Piston Ring Company, 
Japan to manufacture Piston Rings.



Technology Upgradation 
Agreement with Sakura Kogyo Co. 
Ltd, Japan for manufacture of 



Tie-up with lzumi Industries Ltd, 
Japan - One of the leading Diesel 
Engine Piston manufacturers 


Signed Technical License 
agreement with DONG YONG 
PISTONS Co. LTD., South Korea 




Product Testing & Validation is done inhouse at our engine test rigs equipped with AVL blow-by meters, & other peripheral equipments with digital output. Test results are co-related using advanced analytical software. We carry out Tailor made / customer specified tests as per agreed / laid down procedure. Various PISTON PERFORMANCE TESTS such as Piston Proving Test, Piston Function Test, Piston Scuff Test, Durability Test are done. 


Menon Pistons is committed to continuous Development & upgradation of manufacturing technology & processes using data driven continuous quality improvement system implemented with qualified teams. Our Process Engineering Team consisting of multi-functional teams organized as temporary matrix structures undertakes continuous Process Upgradation & Optimization missions through incremental changes  & streamlining of manufacturing operations to improve efficiency by inter alia reducing variations in quality parameters, & eliminating waste & delay in the manufacturing process. Highly reliable data is generated online & offline by using hi-tech measurement equipments. This data is studied & analyzed using sophisticated techniques like DOE, Six Sigma, Motion & Ergonomic analyses to zero in onto & eliminate the possible sources of variations to achieve less variation & reach consistent product quality parameters via mistake proofing. Techniques like Lean manufacturing, Lean Sigma & Kaizen  are used to relentlessly identify and eliminate waste & effect continuous improvements through incremental changes & streamlining of operations.